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Along with food and props, I make maps for people—personal ones showing a physical or emotional journey. The above, a recent work, is my third. It was created for an unusually resilient couple: A few months back I approached my friend about making one for his wife. She is a fierce and loving mom to their little boy, who has autism. He is feisty and smart and charming, and he is often up at all hours and is non-verbal, so this family has its share of challenges as well as joys. The map was meant to serve as a sort of voice for him, showing his personality and the roads he takes every day with his mom, depicted on a 19.5 x 25.5 sheet of card stock.

As I was collecting information about this little guy, which included his favorite things, I was struck by how often food plays into his life.

Above, the header statement’s left and right borders are filled with tiny yellow rings. These are Cheerios. The base of the statement is lined with pretzels.

The puzzle pieces at the right of the map, detailed below, are a nod to the autism logo. They show Oreos, a sippy cup of juice, Goldfish crackers, and an apple. This kid has good taste.

And to make his mom laugh, I added a travel stop to Dunkin’ Donuts. She loves her coffee, and deserves every drop. 🙂


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