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My choices for the best food on three islands.

Bora Bora

    • Maitai Polynesian hotel restaurant

Hawaiian pizza (local pineapple and chunks of ham)
Banana tatin

    • La Bounty

Housemade chocolate gateau (dark chocolate perfection)

    • Bloody Mary’s

Local coconut ice cream. (Or go just to see the bathrooms, outfitted with rock sinks and little waterfalls when you pull a lever, or the men’s urinal, which features a phallic flush pull-chain)


    • Seahorse

Fried rice with salted fish, profiteroles

    • Le Napoli

Quatre Saisons pizza. Friendly, local family hangout. (Asthmatics, order to go; the restaurant is well-enclosed and uses a wood-fired oven.)


    • Allo Pizza

Le Marseillaise pizza, with fresh tuna bought from the fisherman across the street, and anchovy
Homemade chocolate mousse (Who could trust chocolate mousse from a pizza shack on a dot in the middle of the Pacific? It’s French Polynesia. Do it–it’s delicieux.)

    • LycĂ©e Agricole

Pineapple/soursop juice, banana ice cream, citron sorbet

    • Les Antipodes (Restaurant Creperie)

‘La Chicken’ crepe
Pineapple/caramel crepe

    • Carameline’s

Incredibly buttery individual banana or pineapple pastries

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