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I haven’t had a second to write since I pulled the Easter bread out of the oven! This is a first, and I’m not jazzed about it. Being a contractor means you’re never bored and always busy. Which, as any contractor can tell you, is simultaneously great, and blows. Today was the first day in months that I haven’t gone Mach 2 with my hair on fire.* I’ve been so happy to relax a little, to start cooking again (brownies for my teenage cast and crew)…

Three sticks of butter plus cake flour mean they’re essentially a semi-solid.

to eat ice cream (hoooo doggy. Twice this week, actually, and both bloody spectacular)…

Chocolate-orange and coconut ice creams plus hot fudge sauce, all homemade, at the bent spoon in Princeton.

My beloved peanut butter moose tracks, greedily gobbled an hour ago.

I am unusual in that I am oddly, inextricably connected to nature; I must see and smell and touch everything new each season. This past month I missed my ephemerals. I only barely nuzzled the Kwanzan cherry blossoms before the rain took them down. I’ve never missed these, and the lack of them has affected me powerfully, like trying to breathe with the only one lung’s capacity. Subtracting them has not been not healthy for me.

But I’m dreaming about visiting the farm (finally open), foraging (wisteria right now, and much more to come). And I had the loveliest surprise a couple of days ago:

I thought I had missed the lilacs, too, blooming so early this year. Drove in between rushed errands to try to find some blossoms that weren’t spent so I could bury my nose in them, and didn’t have much luck. Then I happened upon a huge, lush group of bushes next to the art building at my alma mater, where I was finishing a prop contract. The school is at the opposite end of the state, and I’d forgotten that flowers there bloom later. The wind off the lake blew their fragrance around me before I even saw them, fresh and sweet as could be. I remembered the strange miracle of more: my theory that whatever we miss, somehow the universe makes it back up again. And then some.

*Gratuitous Top Gun reference.

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My choices for the best food on three islands.

Bora Bora

    • Maitai Polynesian hotel restaurant

Hawaiian pizza (local pineapple and chunks of ham)
Banana tatin

    • La Bounty

Housemade chocolate gateau (dark chocolate perfection)

    • Bloody Mary’s

Local coconut ice cream. (Or go just to see the bathrooms, outfitted with rock sinks and little waterfalls when you pull a lever, or the men’s urinal, which features a phallic flush pull-chain)


    • Seahorse

Fried rice with salted fish, profiteroles

    • Le Napoli

Quatre Saisons pizza. Friendly, local family hangout. (Asthmatics, order to go; the restaurant is well-enclosed and uses a wood-fired oven.)


    • Allo Pizza

Le Marseillaise pizza, with fresh tuna bought from the fisherman across the street, and anchovy
Homemade chocolate mousse (Who could trust chocolate mousse from a pizza shack on a dot in the middle of the Pacific? It’s French Polynesia. Do it–it’s delicieux.)

    • LycĂ©e Agricole

Pineapple/soursop juice, banana ice cream, citron sorbet

    • Les Antipodes (Restaurant Creperie)

‘La Chicken’ crepe
Pineapple/caramel crepe

    • Carameline’s

Incredibly buttery individual banana or pineapple pastries

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