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it’s memorial day weekend, not the time to discuss lofty topics. let’s talk pork roll instead.

pork what? what’s that—pork on a roll? well, yeah, but it’s so much more. here at the jersey shore, it’s kind of like our state meat, the way scrapple could be pennsylvania’s. salty like ham, tender like canadian bacon, pork roll comes in a fat log, like its third cousin, salami. it was a favorite of my family’s on sunday mornings when I was growing up. we used to cut it into thick slices, notched in three places around the circumference of each slice. then we cooked the slices under the broiler until they curled upward, their centers a deep pink and their edges browned and chewy. wandering maple syrup from your waffles? bring it on. sweet intense maple + salty fattiness is one of the loveliest combinations on the planet. you adorable heathens who drag your bacon slices through your syrup know what I mean.

local shore types usually enjoy pork roll topped with egg and cheese on a bun for breakfast, affectionately dubbed ‘a heart attack’, as in, ‘go downtown and bring me one of those heart attacks.’ many diners and breakfast joints offer it, but today I tried the one at langosta lounge, one of the favorite spots on the asbury park boardwalk.

it’s a pretty presentation, langosta’s sandwich. served with little round tater tots plus chipotle mayo and ketchup for dipping, it’s both nostalgic and fresh.

before I say another word, please do note the butter-soaked, toasted bun.  it crackles when you bite through it, and after the luxurious smoothness and richness of the egg and partially-melted provolone and the hit of salt from the well-done pork roll, you taste that butter again.

this post is getting entirely too lofty for memorial day weekend. I’d better stop.

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