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About a week ago at the farm I bought the last of the freshly-dug carrots. And instead of just snacking on them bunny-rabbit style as always, I got curious (as bunny rabbits are also wont to do) and wondered how they would taste grated up inside a carrot muffin. I’ve always been a nut for carrot cake,* with extra cream cheese frosting (priorities first), and of morning glories and basic carrot muffins, but have never tried making them with anything other than store bought carrots.

At the farm I pulled off most of the carrot tops and brought them out to the goats, who predictably acted like goats with them. If you ever find carrots with the tops still attached and don’t know an obliging goat, chop the tops off as soon as you get home. Keeping them on sucks the life out of the carrots and makes them limp and wibbly-wobbly.**

I found a recipe online that called for yogurt in the batter, which delivers tenderness, and no raisins. I love them, but didn’t want anything to distract from the flavor of the carrots. Baked up the muffins. Verdict: just as you’re imagining. The fresh carrots packed more intense flavor, noticeably different from those that were picked in Iowa and have been sitting on a shelf playing the harmonica for two weeks until purchase. And I was lucky to find small ones, which were really wonderfully sweet. No dryness or bitterness at all, which can often happen in store bought carrots. The muffins pulled apart like the softest ever angel food cake.

It’s so much easier to make the transition from summer to fall when it can taste as good as this.

*Course there was a pun intended.

**For all of you Dr. Who fans.

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I’m grateful that lots of people have said nice things about my cooking, but I’m actually proudest of my disasters. they make a better story at a boring dinner party. what would you rather hear about—the award-winning brownies, or the hateful wretched marzipan so hard that you could have used it to cut diamonds?

I want to wear my disasters like war medals. so let’s get on with it.

a few years ago I made an angel food cake, which I adore. if you’re normal, you can eat it with a fork, or if you’re a heathen like me, you can pick up bits of it with your fingers, squish them into tiny sugary nuggets, and pop them into your mouth. with this thought as temptation, I found a recipe in The Joy of Cooking, that bible of classic recipes, and followed it to the letter. baked it in the right kind of pan with the hole in the middle, the whole bit.

now, an angel food cake is a sponge cake, and thus is supposed to be light and airy. if you let it collapse, you get an F. how to do this? Joy told me to turn the baked cake upside down and poise it over the neck of a wine bottle. (yup.) did it like a good girl. and a minute later watched the cake drop to the counter like a brick in the river.

then there was the pumpkin-chocolate pie last november. oh and it looked so pretty. accidentally whacked it against the oven rack, which made the whole thing flip-flop upside down, splattering pumpkin-chocolate goo 1) into the hot oven 2) onto the hot oven door 3) into the drawer under the oven, conveniently loaded with every pan I own and 4) best of all, around my kitchen, making it look as if I had recently acquired an incontinent schnauzer. I used every rag and napkin in the house to clean up, and still detect a faint smell of burnt chocolate whenever I turn on the oven.

just last weekend I made some crazy-yummy cupcakes called irish car bombs, featuring crazy-yummy baileys buttercream. but tired as I was, I dumped all of the buttercream ingredients together. and soon, once I realized even a team of EMTs with the shiniest state-of-the-art equipment couldn’t resuscitate this, dumped it all into the trash.

as julia child once said, ‘you’re alone in the kitchen’ (and you have to say it like her, out loud, or it doesn’t have the full effect). which means no one needs to know the sordid details of what really happened at 11:45 last night, as long as you recover. good news for me.

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